Sunday, January 17, 2010


I back! I'm very glad to be home, but I also miss my Costa Rican family. I'll really miss the family traditions we had there (Grandma's house every Sunday for soup, going to the country property every Saturday, etc.)
I've found that my friends and people at school can't really understand the huge experience I had. I know it's because they've never done anything like it before, so they can't relate to me...but I still feel like it was a huge experience that people aren't really that interested in.
Now, when somebody asks me how my experience was, I just say "it was a really great experience. I had a really good time," because there's no way I can fit everything I did and learned into a conversation that's a polite length.
All in all, glad to be home and looking forward to visiting my family in Costa Rica this summer.