Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting Oriented

I wasn't really looking forward to today's orientation session, but it turned out to be really helpful.

I learned a lot about what to bring, and how to prepare... especially how to leave behind my life in America so that I can really live in Costa Rica. My favorite part of the day was eating lunch with students from all over the world who are living here now. I especially enjoyed talking with Iliana from Costa Rica. Iliana told me about the schooling and the food in Costa Rica. She told me about her big family. I realized that going up to people and starting a conversation is not so difficult, and this is what I'll need to do when I get to Costa Rica.

Iliana and a guy from Honduras were nice enough to speak to each other in Spanish so that I could practice my listening skills. I found that I could understand pretty well what they were saying.

There was a girl named Winnie, who just got back from Chile. She had such a great time, and talked about her host family and friendships, and what a fun time she had in school. Listening to her made me feel really excited about all of the experiences I have to look forward to.

I was beginning to have some doubts about missing out on some things during my last year of high school, but after today I realize that in Costa Rica, I'll make some great friendships and have experiences that I know I'll remember many years from now.